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Name them One by One

It’s good to count your blessings, it’s good to name them one by one.  Seeing as we’ve been without power for a good 30 hours I thought this would be a good thing to do.

Yesterday afternoon a storm blew through our fair town.  Our little Land of Make Believe took a pretty good hit.  Several trees were up rooted.  Power lines and poles came down – hence the no power. 

  • Trees came down, but no one was injured.
  • Power lines on the ground, but no fire.
  • Trees took out garages, sheds, fences, but no homes were destroyed
  • The Land of Make Believe is a mess, but our property had no damage
  • We have no power, but have hot water and a gas stove
  • We have no internet, but we have smartphones
  • We have no power to charge our smart phones, but we have car chargers
  • I have to speak to a group of people at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, but I will be clean even if I will not have a way to blow dry my hair.
  • Big Brother had prom tonight, but he is a guy and low maintence.
  • We went to bed really early last night and woke up well rested with the sun.
  • Our laptops work well at Panera.
  • Moved all food from the fridge and freezer to ice chest, but I had enough ice chest to store it all.
  • Just heard from Big Brother while at prom, after being without power for a day and a half, the group he is attending prom with drove to a town thirty minutes away for dinner only for the power to go out while enjoying their salad.  They went through the  drive thru at McDonald’s, but he is still having fun.
  • I will be glad when the power is back on, but I blessed that I have a place to live that generally has power.

An Email

Big Sister did not like college, we asked her to give it one more semester – one more chance.  As to not bore you with all the details, she did not return.  But she was not without a plan. 

Just before her senior year of high school we found out about a mission program called PhotogenX, offered through YWAM.  With her love, passion and skill in photography we thought this could be a wonderful fit for Big Sister.  She was very interested, but wanted to give college a try and the ol’ college try she did… and you know the rest of the story.

Bags backed, a week of tearful good-byes, she took off for 6 months.  We will not see her until she returns in September. 

It was an emotional day as we left her at the airport yesterday.

This morning I received the following email and picture from her as she reports on her first day, it made this momma’s heart so happy.

I’m rooming with 5 other girls, two from PhotogenX Erika Spitler and Megan Rich. Erika is makes me think SO MUCH of Hannah Litke- I knew I was going to love her! The other 3 girls are doing DTS performing arts,  Our room has 4 bunks, 5 dressers, a closet, sink, mini fridge, microwave, toilet and shower.

Our leaders, Laura, Zach, Jonathan, Christine and Sharee are WONDERFUL! I love them all.

Once we got to campus we took our things to our room and then got dinner. The whole cafeteria is outside! …did I mention it was raining? haha. After dinner we went to get registered, easy as cake! During registration Laura (a leader) took Campbell and I aside and informed us that she had chosen us to be her hospitality team. Which basically means that we will be making goody bags, planning gatherings, making leis, running errands and doing anything necessary to make the guest, who come in to speak, feel comfortable as possible. So from 3 to 5 everyday Campbell and I will be doing these things as our job. After Laura walked away from telling us she’d chosen us Zach (her husband) and Jonathan made sure to let us know what a big deal that was. SO EXCITING.

I’m so very exhausted!! I will talk to you tomorrow. I love you 🙂 Tell the kids and dad I love them too. Kiss on Caroline and Ryder for me!

P.s. Make that 6 roommates..a girl that is exactly like Melissa Blackwell just walked in.

Secret Agent Man and I could not be more proud of Big Sister.  Jesus has gifted her with a skill and passion in photography and she is taking the first steps to make His name known to all the Nations.

McDonald’s, Heart Day and a Sappy Story

(I Love all of you!)

Little Sister gave this to me and Secret Agent Man this morning.   “I did not have time to make 5 different ones, so it for all the family”.

22 years ago today Secret Agent Man asked me to marry him, so glad I say yes.

Years back we gave up on celebrating Valentine’s Day in the typical manner.  We find our own ways, he made me breakfast this morning – like most mornings.  I said “thanks. Hey, remember that time you asked me to marry you?”  He said “no”.

One year, about 5 years ago, we took the kids for McDonald’s Valentine’s dinner – they loved it and we had a new tradition.  We’ve picked up a few other couples over the years to join us for the  Heart Day dinner.

I will leave you with the short sappy story for Valentine’s Day:

Early (like 4 a.m.) one morning, in typical Secret Agent Man fashion, he departed for an out of town job.  He routinely gives me a good-bye kiss even when I am sleeping soundly and in my sleep I tell him “byeloveyoubecarefulcallme”. However, that morning I had a vague memory of the front door closing, his truck starting then driving off and I am thing to my sleeping self – I don’t remember the kiss…. back to sleep world…… then I hear his truck coming back and in my sleep world I am thinking is he coming back?  wonder what he forgot.  Front door opens, bedroom door opens, and then the goodbye kiss comes.  I asked him why he came back he said he forgot the goodbye kiss. *sigh*

I warned you it was sappy.



This Child

Secret Agent Man found this sign hanging on the wall beside Little Sister’s bed last night.


This momma loves this child’s heart.


Meet Ms. Lulu. 

Lulu is my 90-year-old friend and neighbor.  She was born and raised in Egypt.  Her father was Egyptian and her mother English.  She married a fighter pilot who severed with the Egyptian airforce ( aided the British during WWII).  After her husband retired from the service, he spent the next 10 years as the ambassador for all the Arab countries in Japan. 

Ms. Lulu and her husband raised two daughters – who came to Georgia to attend UGA, which eventually brought them to the states after their retirement. This is how she became my neighbor and friend.

Today Secret Agent Man is off saving the world… or whatever it is that he is does.  The kids are at school and I have a list of things to  do, but I think I will brave the freezing temperatures and walk down to Lulu’s and share a cup of tea with her.  I love her stories and I love her quick mind that always makes me laugh. 

To Do List

A day in the life of Little Brother

Boos and Yeahs


My long-term job ended on Friday.



 I will miss seeing the students and MMS staff Monday thru Friday.



Our weekend was spent with friends visiting from Texas



 They had to go home.



For sleeping late



Sleeping late is 6:45 a.m.



Thanksgiving food!



 Thanksgiving food hangover.



Thankful for so much!