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12 days in Asia – Korea

Secret Agent Man and I are spending some time in Southeast Asia visiting some missionaries for pastoral care.  Our first stop was a 24 hour layover in Korea.
After a 15 hour flight we arrived in Incheon, Korea.  We checked into a hotel and then headed out to dinner.  It’s always about adventure so of course we went to the most local place around. Which really was not hard, as we were not in a tourist area.  The food was good and the experience better. Trying to order from a menu you cannot read and a server who does not speak the same language added to the fun.
It was only 8:30pm when I crawled into bed, but I had not slept in over 24 hours, and yes it was the best sleep ever.
We woke this morning at 5:30am, had breakfast, packed up and headed out to make the most of our time in Korea; our plane leaves at 4:30pm – so off we went.
We took a 45 minute subway ride to Seoul. It was a nice way to see a bit of the country, which at times made me think of South Texas. Coastal with business all about and trees that looked like mesquite trees.
When we arrived in Seoul it was very Western looking, even similar stores you would find in America. As we walked a few blocks we found more places that were more Asian and less Western, which we enjoyed.
Lunch was more of the same experience as dinner was last night, good food and better experience.
From what I’ve seen of Korea, which isn’t much, it looks a great deal like any American city. The parts of the country I’ve encountered is very clean and the people hospitable and accommodating.
Almost 24 hours later and I’m at the airport again waiting to catch a 6 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We will spend a few days with a missionary family that are near and dear to us and well as our church body.
Who’s watching the kids while we are away you ask? That would be Big Brother, who will turn 19 while we are away, and intern extraordinaire, Cory Kirkland. A big job, but great young men taking care of the home front! (Cory, water my flowers!)
Until the next country or the next time wifi is available, carry on!

McDonald’s, Heart Day and a Sappy Story

(I Love all of you!)

Little Sister gave this to me and Secret Agent Man this morning.   “I did not have time to make 5 different ones, so it for all the family”.

22 years ago today Secret Agent Man asked me to marry him, so glad I say yes.

Years back we gave up on celebrating Valentine’s Day in the typical manner.  We find our own ways, he made me breakfast this morning – like most mornings.  I said “thanks. Hey, remember that time you asked me to marry you?”  He said “no”.

One year, about 5 years ago, we took the kids for McDonald’s Valentine’s dinner – they loved it and we had a new tradition.  We’ve picked up a few other couples over the years to join us for the  Heart Day dinner.

I will leave you with the short sappy story for Valentine’s Day:

Early (like 4 a.m.) one morning, in typical Secret Agent Man fashion, he departed for an out of town job.  He routinely gives me a good-bye kiss even when I am sleeping soundly and in my sleep I tell him “byeloveyoubecarefulcallme”. However, that morning I had a vague memory of the front door closing, his truck starting then driving off and I am thing to my sleeping self – I don’t remember the kiss…. back to sleep world…… then I hear his truck coming back and in my sleep world I am thinking is he coming back?  wonder what he forgot.  Front door opens, bedroom door opens, and then the goodbye kiss comes.  I asked him why he came back he said he forgot the goodbye kiss. *sigh*

I warned you it was sappy.



The Time Traveler’s Wife (A book and movie review)

A few years ago I was in south Texas visiting the family and my sister took me to a local used book store.  I love book stores!  While I was browsing through the books I came across The Time Traveler’s Wife.  I had seen a review for this book on the Today Show so I thought I would give it a try

time travelers wife book

I will have to say this would be one of my all time favorite books.  So much so that in the two years I have had it I have read it three times!  When I let someone borrow it and then I get it back I start thumbing through it and then start reading it again.  It is a well written book and I have recommend it to several people.

After I read it the first time I looked up the author trying to find more books by her.  What I found out was that a movie was being made.  I was not as excited as you would think.  Personally I find that when a book is made into a movie it never does the book justice, so I tend not to like the movie (ie: The Notebook).  I much rather read a book then see the movie any day!time travelers wife movieTonight I went with Big Sister and a few friends to see the movie – I have to say I was not disappointed.  They did not stray from the book’s plot.  A few chucks here and there were left out, but it is a two hour movie so they did the best they could with the time they had.  I still say read the book then see the movie.  You will have a better understand of the characters throughout the movie.

Have you read the book?  Did you see the movie?  What are your thoughts on Time Traveler’s Wife (Book or Movie)?



Twenty Years

August 12, 1989 – the day I got married, yes that is 20 years.  I know what you are thinking:  “What kind of parent lets their daughter get married when she is 5!”  Back in the old country, back in the day, that is how they did things; “arranged marriage”  kind of thing.Brad & Michelle Wedding Photo

Seriously – We were all of 20 years old when we got married – that means I’ve been married to Secret Agent Man as long as I have not been married to him.  Yes, we were super young. Yes, I would do it again.  Would I let my daughter (or any of my children) do it… Heck No!!!   Okay – If I knew, like I knew with us, then yes, I would be good with it.  We were convinced then, and still are today, that it was God’s plan for us to spend our lives together.

20 years of marriage calls for a list of 20 things about our marriage:

  1. We have had good times.
  2. We have had bad times
  3. We have had four kids
  4. Lived in two states
  5. And four cities
  6. We started as best friends
  7. We are still best friends
  8. We make each other really mad
  9. We make each other really happy
  10. We still can not agree on the house temperature
  11. Mutual respect
  12. Laugh lots
  13. Learned a lot
  14. Have more to learn
  15. Miss the beginning years
  16. Look forward to the future
  17. Still enjoy each other’s company
  18. Together we make a great team
  19. Following Jesus through it all
  20. More in love today than when we began

brad & michelleWhen I was fourteen I started to pray for my husband, I still do.  It was cool to see God’s plan unfold for me as I met and married my mate.  You can believe I am praying for my children’s mates.

Secret Agent Man

I am a sucker for any kind of spy type book or movie.  Love, love the Bourne movies.  Navy Seals, CIA, FBI, Interpol, undercover detectives – totally fascinated by them.  Being a hopeless romantic, I am sure the appeal is someone being dedicated to their cause even  if death is the cost.  They laugh in the face of danger – Ha, Ha, Ha.  (okay, that was super cheesy – sorry)!  When I grow up – I want to be someone in the covert world.

 Which is what leads me to Secret Agent Man, my husband. 


Over the past year I’ve started to think of him more and more this way and I will tell you why.  There are lots of reason, but I will sum it up and try to simplify my thought process  with a few explained facts:

  1. His job – Do any of you really know what he does?  His job has him traveling around the country – which is generally in the DC area or the upper east coast.  When asked what he does, he so down plays the explanation.  When I ask him about this he says, “people don’t really care to hear the details”.
  2. His knowledge is well rounded and vast.  Not only just his interests and what he was educated for, but knowledge that makes you stop and say “how do you know about that”?  This is the guy you want in the Cash Cab with you.  He also does not let on to how much he knows about things, keeps his knowledge on the down low. 
  3. His International Travel.  He goes to places I cannot write about to work with people I cannot really tell you about either.  (These people which I speak of are Super Heroes in my book and I will try to tell you about them one day, but for their safety I must be discreet when I do so).  When he speaks to others about the Super Heroes his language becomes vague, spy-like, if you will.
  4. Few really know him.  I mean really, really know him.  He chooses who he lets get close, but when he chooses said people he trusts them with his life.
  5. He would die for the cause.  But here is where he strongly differs from a real spy; spies do work for a county or person, he does it for Jesus and understands the cost of obedience might cost him his life or the lives of those he works with. “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for [Christ’s] sake and the gospel’s will save it.” Mark 8:35

So when he rises hours before the sun makes it’s debut, packs his spy bag,  hops a plane to the next destination, I wait to hear from Secret Agent Man to know that he is safe.  You want to know what one of the best things about his spy- like- lifestyle is…. Frequent Flyer Mileage!

(This is what he looks like when he goes international, how spy-like is that, to look like the culture you are going to be in)