And when you Pray

Yeah – it’s been a year and four months since the last blog – don’t judge.

So here is a short update – I moved, from Rome, Georgia to Portland, Oregon. End of update…. I said short, maybe I’ll fill in the details with another blog someday, but It was about obedience and that looked like another church plant.


And can I just say how overwhelmed I’ve been with the prayer that is happening on our behalf? Wow – so rocking my world. And can I tell you how amazing and good His kindness has been? Well now I’m just getting teary-eyed.

A friend texted the other morning to check on us and to see how she could pray for us. I really took my time replying to that text because I knew this lady prays and I did not want to throw out some vague request


Now I’m sharing it with you and when you pray, because I know you will, you will not have a vague understanding as to how to pray for the Hankins’ and the Smith’s in this Portland Church planting endeavor.


The Kid – Jacob and Abbey are doing so very well. They are loving their schools, making friends and enjoying the PDX lifestyle of walking everywhere. We are seeing that they tend to missing their friends from Georgia when they are bored and that is mostly on the weekends when their time is not occupied. We are praying that they can find some friendships in our neighborhood and not just at school. As for Caroline, The Smith’s 2 1/2 year old daughter, We are praying that she would continue to adapt, especially as she realizes that it will be awhile before she sees extended family.

Relationships – How do you move to another city make friends and cultivate those relationships? We can go to churches and make friends and cultivate those, but we came for the lost. We are praying and asking God to show us ways to meet people in our neighborhood and our community and boldness as those relationships come.

Pumpkin Carving Night – We have met some neighbors and the kids have made some friends, so we are having a pumpkin carving night on the 26th and have invited them. We are praying and asking for more people to invite and for those that come that it would be a fruitful night – even if it looks like just getting to know people.

A Name – This church plant needs a name. Just as we parents find it important to seek the Lord for guidance as we name our children we are seeking Him for a name. We are Praying that God would give us a name that defines Him to the people of this community.

And most importantly….

Praise! We are looking back at the path that He prepared for us as we began this journey and we are completely humbled how He has gone before us in every single way. His goodness is beyond compared. There has not been one aspect of this journey that He has not richly poured out His goodness on us. It makes us all the more eager to see the Kingdom come in Portland, OR.


1 Response to “And when you Pray”

  1. 1 Lois Ward October 15, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    Wow, it is amazing to see how GOD is using all of you. Do miss seeing you guys in the neighborhood but so proud that you are following HIS leading. Our prayers are certainly with all of you. Keep us posted. Wish I could be there for the pumpking carving. Are you having pumpkin soup and cookies, etc.

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