McDonald’s, Heart Day and a Sappy Story

(I Love all of you!)

Little Sister gave this to me and Secret Agent Man this morning.   “I did not have time to make 5 different ones, so it for all the family”.

22 years ago today Secret Agent Man asked me to marry him, so glad I say yes.

Years back we gave up on celebrating Valentine’s Day in the typical manner.  We find our own ways, he made me breakfast this morning – like most mornings.  I said “thanks. Hey, remember that time you asked me to marry you?”  He said “no”.

One year, about 5 years ago, we took the kids for McDonald’s Valentine’s dinner – they loved it and we had a new tradition.  We’ve picked up a few other couples over the years to join us for the  Heart Day dinner.

I will leave you with the short sappy story for Valentine’s Day:

Early (like 4 a.m.) one morning, in typical Secret Agent Man fashion, he departed for an out of town job.  He routinely gives me a good-bye kiss even when I am sleeping soundly and in my sleep I tell him “byeloveyoubecarefulcallme”. However, that morning I had a vague memory of the front door closing, his truck starting then driving off and I am thing to my sleeping self – I don’t remember the kiss…. back to sleep world…… then I hear his truck coming back and in my sleep world I am thinking is he coming back?  wonder what he forgot.  Front door opens, bedroom door opens, and then the goodbye kiss comes.  I asked him why he came back he said he forgot the goodbye kiss. *sigh*

I warned you it was sappy.



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