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Big Sister Goes To College

I never really told you about Big Sister moving off to college. Well don’t get excited – I did not cry all over the place. Not one single tear…. until Secret Agent Man and I drove off campus.

Shortly after leaving campus I text a few friends to say that I had done well and no tears were shed. I then received a reply text from Big Brother and it said “Well I am not going to lie, I have!” B-O-O H-O-O That opened up the faucet of tears then.

Also that morning before we set off, Big Sister was giving the sibs their good-bye hugs. Little Brother busted out with the tears too. Good Lord! I was needing help to hold tears back… not to turn them on full blast! So a few fell then as well.

Suprisingly, Little Sister was the least effected. The night Big Sister moved off, Little Sister informed me that we would forget about her in a few weeks. (HA! Not Likely – the tuition reminds us)

Big Sister is doing great and so am I!