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Back To School 2010-2011

Another school year has begun.  No drama occurred when we head out the door for school this morning.  No tears were shed as the kids were left at their classrooms.  Dare I hope this sets the pace for year?

Big Brother is happy to report:

  • He is starting his junior year in a brand spankin’ new build. 
  • Shed a few tears when Big Sister moved to college yesterday
  • Currently stands 3″ taller than Secret Agent Man

Little Brother is happy to report:

  •  Is starting 3rd grade and  has learned the work touche’, but has no idea how to use it in proper context.
  • Shed tears when Big Sister left for college yesterday
  • Currently wearing a size 6 shoe

Little Sister is happy to report:

  • That she is still happy to hold mommies hand walking to the 1st grade hall
  • Shed NO tears for Big sister when she left for college, but gave her tons of hugs and kisses.
  • Is missing one front tooth and has a broken arm, but is still the happiest kid in Georgia.

Here’s to a new school year – May it be filled with fun memories, few tears, lessons learned and glory to our King!


Summer Coming To An End

Looks like summer is coming to an end.  Good-bye long hot days at the pool – we will see you next year! 

Sadly this week we’ve kept busy getting school supplies, school clothes and of course backpacks.  Monday we will all rise early and start another year. 

 I look forward to posting the back to school pictures for you to see next week, but prepare yourselves…. Big sister will not be in it this years picture… ugh!!! boo hoo – that was even hard to type out without tears filling my eyes.

This week Big Sister has  been cleaning out her closet and drawers and shopping for dorm supplies.  (She got a new backpack too!)  We will be moving her to college on Sunday.  Though I anticipate big tears, I will try my hardest not to humiliate her, but a mommy has got to shed a few tears when her babies leave – so indulge me.

If I am not over taken with tears – I’ll try to get a few pictures of her outside her dorm, and in her dorm, and walking to her dorm, and unpacking in her dorm, and one with each of her sibling in her dorm, and one (or 80) of her being totally humiliated of all the pictures that I am taking of her at college… Wonder if I could drive down there the first day she goes to class and take a picture of her with her professors…..

Big Sister is so going to miss me!