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Mr. Tasty Freeze

The Little kids were outside playing, Secret Agent Man was flying out west and I sitting here in the house doing really important stuff, like figuring out how to Phone Blog,  when from a distant I heard the ice cream man music playing and coming closer.  My first thought is “please don’t stop around here, please don’t stop around here”!  It’s a cash thing – who has cash these days and I am pretty sure Mr. Tasty Freeze is not set up to take my debit card.

Sure enough he stop right in front of the house.  The last time the ice cream truck stop in front of the house (think this was a couple of summers ago) Little Brother generous has Mr. Tasty Freeze give one to his Little Sister, a few neighborhood friends and one for himself, of course.   As the kids start to devour their ice creams, Mr. Tasty Freeze tallies up the ice cream and quotes the price to the very generous Little Brother.  Needless to say he was shocked to find out these things cost.  The story ends with Secret Agent Man treating all the neighborhood kids to ice cream from Mr. Tasty Freeze – and you know Mr. Tasty Freeze ain’t cheap!  Good-Bye savings account!

What seemed like 37 minutes later and the ice cream man’s music is still going (Because… PLEASE WITH THAT MUSIC…. I am sure he was only parked outside of the house for about 3 to 5 minutes, but that repetitive music made me want to gouge my eyeballs right out of my head)  I got up to look and see if Little Brother was racking up a tab.

Turns out it was the snow cone man and he was surrounded with neighborhood kids who all had a snow cone in hand and yes – Little Brother and Little Sister were enjoying the frozen flavor ice.    This time another neighborhood dad was out there paying – counting coins I might add.  My frist thought was to go take him the coins I could find in the couch cushion and then I noticed Big Brother whipping out some bucks… talk about generous!

Got to love the Big Brother – but Lord help it, that ice cream man music still makes me want to do damage.  Do you think Mr. Tasty Freeze is nuts from listening to that music all the freaking time?  I’m just saying…..


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Skipper, Texting and a Bio

I have this friend, Skipper (well really her name is Jenny – but I call her Skipper) and not only is she my friend but she is also my fellow team leader for Young Moms and fellow pastor’s wife. 

I received a text from Skipper yesterday regarding the conference we will be attending with our husbands:

(wait right there… to REALLY appreciate these text messages you will need to head on over to Skipper’s blog and read her post from yesterday – so go do that right now it will take 53 seconds to read)

Skipper: “Time for a Joke? good…. instead of the conference, let’s kidnap another friend and take her to Tijuana”.

Me: “Then what do we do after we cross the border”?

Skipper: “Ummmmm does anyone ever really know what they’re gonna do in Tijuana”?

Me: “Ha! I am sure it is no accident that Tijuana sounds like marijuana!”

Skipper: “& how Rome sounds like….FOAM.”

Me: “Yeah! Like feet and meat!”

Skipper: “Ha! & leeks & beets! like what your mama had for dinner!”

Me: “Like the foam your granny invented!”

Skipper: “Like the leaks you have in your combat boots that you wear in the SHOWER!”

Me: “Please don’t make fun of my boots I have to wear them for medical purposes…. Like the foam shoes you wear to the baby doctor – oh wait! you don’t wear shoes to the baby doctor! HA!”

Skipper: “Shutting up now.”

Skipper loves her new life of Unlimited texting! 

When I decided I did not like my bio for my blog and wanted to change it I asked Skipper to write one for me; her humor is just what I wanted and I just felt narcissistic writing about myself.  Here is what she came up with:

Hi, I’m Michelle, and I like you already! Why? Because you’re reading my blog! My friends call me Miss America–it must be my dazzling smile and sparkling personality! You may not find the latest literary criticisms or political topics here, but sit back and enjoy a glimpse into my Texas-raised and Georgia-planted, four children, amazing friends, Jesus-loving, crazy kind of life.
Watch me as I try to lasso in this church-planting, cooking for the masses, secret-agent-man adoring, lunch date welcoming, college student hanging, special-ed-kids-subbing, full house, suburban driving, Young Mom leading,  pastor’s wife chaos – all the while making sure my tiara doesn’t hit the ground!

Could not have said it better – Thanks, Skipper!

Like A Good Neighbor

With laptop at hand and a quite house I almost forgot to go get Little Brother from a birthday party; but just in the nick of time (5 minutes to spare) I realize I needed to jump in the Suburban. 

Keys in hand I made it out the door to discover I had no vehicle!  Big Sister was at a friends in her car, Big Brother had made a trip to Wal-Mart in the Suburban and Secret Agent Man was in route from California with his truck waiting for him at the airport.

What’s a mom to do?

I walked to my neighbor’s, Elizabeth, (which happen to be where Little Sister was playing) and told her I had a crazy favor.  Now you need to know that Elizabeth is the neighbor I call when in need;

“Hello Elizabeth, Do you have an egg”

“I need your advice – Little Sister’s earing has grown into her ear and how should I remove it?”

“Hey Elizabeth, can I borrow a cup of sugar”

“It’s me! Can the kids hang with you, while I run to the bank”

“Hey Elizabeth, You are so amazing – We really should hang-out more – Girl, you’ve lost weight!, by the way we are going to be out-of-town and the kids will be left at home with a college student, could they call on you for help when something comes up?”

Big Brother often dog sits for Elizabeth when they are out-of-town, so when I had friends from out-of-state visiting and found that my vacuum cleaner decide not to work when said friends were soon to be arriving – I grab the Elizabeth’s house key from Big Brother and ran to borrow her vacuum cleaner.

So she really was not taken a-back when I asked to borrow her car – she just handed over the keys and as I ran out the door I yelled back “Oh and could you watch my other kid for me!”  I just assumed she said yes.

Hey Elizabeth, thanks from always having my back – like a good neighbor, it’s great to know you are there!

FYI: You would be nominating her for sainthood if I told you that every morning this week she is taking the little kids with her as she heads to VBS at her church and I get each day kid free until noon.  Considering she is not catholic and can’t be sainted, I will therefore not tell you.