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Class of 2010

Never doubt the words “time flies”; more so when you have children.  One day you are changing diapers, up all night and wondering when the last time you wore a shirt that did not smell like spit-up and then -BAM! – you are watching them walk across a stage to get their high school diploma.

When Big Sister stepped up on the stage to receive her diploma, I was mental transformed to the day she was born, all I could remember was the moment they placed her in my arms.  When I first held her I thought “oh gosh, she is so pretty”.  All of our family and friend were in the next room and I shout out ‘Momma, she is so pretty”. 

Them – BOOM!- She is off the stage and officially a high school graduate with a diploma in one hand and my broken heart in the other and here I am still feeling like  it was last month that she slid from my body.  How can life happen in fast forward and slow motion at the same time?

Dear Big Sister, you’ve taken us too quickly through the past 18 years, could you please slow it down at bit?  We need a good 5 to 7 years before you have any more life changing days. In  August  we will pack you up and move you out to college and I will do my best to be brave, so be nice to me until then; I am recovering from a heart condition that you’ve brought on. 

 I am very proud to be your momma.


Boys Beware

Big Sister and I went to have lunch with Little Sister the other day at the elementary.  All the girls sat at one table and all the boys sat at the one behind us.  Throughout lunch two little boys behind us kept poking Little Sister, I perceived this as flirting and pointed this out to Big Sister; I told her it was obvious these boys did not know that she has two older brothers.

For the remainder of lunch the boys continually tried to get Little Sister’s attention, so Big Sister and I thought we would have a talk with them.

ME: “Do you boys know that Little Sister has two really big brothers?”

BOYS:  “How old”?

ME:”Well the biggest one is almost 17.”

That got their attention – they sat up straight and with fear asked about the next one.

ME: “The other brother is almost 9”!

I think I saw them tremble a bit and then Little Sister piped in on the intimidation factor, with hand on her hip and sass in her voice ….

Little Sister: “Yeah and my dad is 41”!!!