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Not Forgotten

Are you thinking that I forgot I had a blog that I need to maintain?  Just so you know I have not forgotten!  Here are my excuses – and they are good ones…  When the kids returned to school after Christmas – so did I.  After taking an eighteen year hiatus from the 40 hour a week work force, I am back in it!  Model Middle School found theirselves in need of a long-term substitute until April, sucker that I am- I signed up!    I am  in the special ed. self-contained class working with 8 boys with Autism.  I do enjoy the work.

The other excuse is that my computer crashed about three weeks ago.  It was a slow painful death – but one I was expecting.  I am sneaking in this blog post on Secret Agent Man’s computer early Sunday morning, it’s the only time he is not on it… however,  he is standing over my shoulder waiting for it…. I will type faster!

I love the job I am doing and look forward to telling you about it, along with the other things that have gone on around here.  Like something really, really huge – Big Sister turned 18!  Yikes!!!  (Yes, I was 10 when I had her). We had a big snow storm- okay, big for Rome, Georgia – which eventually caused Big Brother to blow out his ACL.  Going to try to talk him into doing a photo reenactment of that one, so stay tuned – we will see, he is a bit moody about it. ( FYI: Surgery schedule for March 15th.)

Secret Agent Man tells me we will be ordering my new computer – so hopefully I will get back to you soon.  I am signing off to go live my life so I can blog about it!

A big shout out to my dear friend Laurel who married her beloved Henry yesterday in Vermont!  So sad I could not attend this wedding – looking forward to seeing the pictures!  Love you guys!