Meet My Friend Kim

This is my dear friend Kim.   kim profileKim and I met in Texas about 8 years ago while she was there getting her masters degree.  She was moving back to her home state of Alabama during the same time we were moving to Georgia.  Since she only lives a very short 3 hours from me, our friendship has flourished these last seven years.  Kim’s visits are much anticipated in our home.

Two years ago Kim and I got to travel to Ireland together; I don’t think the country has been the same since.  Secret Agent Man gets a little nervous when she comes because we act like middle school girls.  We stay up very late, we shop way too much, which leads to spending too much money, and we don’t stop giggling like a middle school girl.

I love that she has a relationship with each one of my children.  She makes a point to spend time with each of them when she visits.  A few years ago she came to visit just as my parents were leaving.  Little Sister kept calling her “NaNa” and then would say “Kim” so it was coming out “NaNa Kim”.  Thus her nickname with the kids.

The first two times Secret Agent Man went overseas to work with the Superheroes she came to stay with me and the kids.  She was the one that gave me the wisdom I needed to hear to calm my heart and fears as he traveled to a dangerous place.  Those words of wisdom still keep my heart at peace when he goes to that land.

Kim is single.  Kim’s desire is to be married and have a family.  I love that Kim has endured her single life with trust in God knowing that this time of a single life is purposeful for His glory.  She has had her struggles with it, but remains faithful to the Father knowing that He is and will forever remain faithful to her. 

Here are some other things about my dear friend Kim:

  • Loves and follows Jesus
  • In her early 30’s
  • Born and raised in Alabama
  • Is one of the BCM campus ministers at the University of Alabama
  • World traveler: France, Africa, Ireland and plans for more
  • Would like to do Kingdom work overseas
  • Smart girl – proud owner of a masters degree
  • Not only does she work at the U of Alabama – she has been a fan since birth. Go ‘Bama – Roll Tide!kim bama
  • She is a new home ownerkim home owner
  •  Lots of laughter when this girl is aroundfun kim


  •  Like Raymond – Everyone loves Kim!

love kim

God brought Kim into my life at just the right time.  Life is not without its challenges and through each step she has been here to encourage and pray for me.  I call her when I get bored, when I am mad, when I am happy, when I need wisdom and when I want to laugh!   She does not always have something to say in response but she always has time to listen.

I am praying for a godly husband for this godly woman – I look forward to see who the Father has for her. 

Any recommendations for a man? I mean, I’m just askin’. 😉

1 Response to “Meet My Friend Kim”

  1. 1 DC September 2, 2009 at 10:36 am

    I’ve come to understand that the Lord loves Bama fans. I’ve also come to the realization that I don’t understand everything about the Lord…

    GO VOLS!

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