The Time Traveler’s Wife (A book and movie review)

A few years ago I was in south Texas visiting the family and my sister took me to a local used book store.  I love book stores!  While I was browsing through the books I came across The Time Traveler’s Wife.  I had seen a review for this book on the Today Show so I thought I would give it a try

time travelers wife book

I will have to say this would be one of my all time favorite books.  So much so that in the two years I have had it I have read it three times!  When I let someone borrow it and then I get it back I start thumbing through it and then start reading it again.  It is a well written book and I have recommend it to several people.

After I read it the first time I looked up the author trying to find more books by her.  What I found out was that a movie was being made.  I was not as excited as you would think.  Personally I find that when a book is made into a movie it never does the book justice, so I tend not to like the movie (ie: The Notebook).  I much rather read a book then see the movie any day!time travelers wife movieTonight I went with Big Sister and a few friends to see the movie – I have to say I was not disappointed.  They did not stray from the book’s plot.  A few chucks here and there were left out, but it is a two hour movie so they did the best they could with the time they had.  I still say read the book then see the movie.  You will have a better understand of the characters throughout the movie.

Have you read the book?  Did you see the movie?  What are your thoughts on Time Traveler’s Wife (Book or Movie)?



3 Responses to “The Time Traveler’s Wife (A book and movie review)”

  1. 1 Kelly August 16, 2009 at 8:35 am

    Loved the book so much! Thanks for recommending it! I probably wouldn’t have been as big a fan of the movie if I hadn’t read the book first, so I ended up loving the movie and crying the whole time. Such a sweet story.

  2. 2 Amanda September 10, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    I saw the movie… have not read the book.

    I gotta tell ya…it didn’t do much for me. I am normally a big sap and cry at EVERYTHING… but I didn’t get *really* into it.

    I SO want to see Julie and Julia. Have you seen it?

    God bless-

  1. 1 The Time Traveler's Wife (A book and movie review) « lassoing the … Trackback on August 16, 2009 at 1:23 am

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