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I know it won’t last

It is really quiet around here; I know it won’t last.

 Big Sister and Big Brother have gone to camp for the week; Little Brother and Little Sister are running around the streets of Make Believe with their friends.

The silence is such an unfamiliar thing. All I hear is the fan and the a/c.  I think I will turn those off just to really hear the silence.  Be right back…. WOW!!!  I think I hear my heart beating.

Soon they will come back with their loud voices and demands to be fed.  They will bring others with them. They are like gremlins – they multiply and so does their noise level.

They will complain about dinner, want to know if they can have ice cream, if can they stay up later to watch something, if someone can spend the night, all spoken in an ear-defying decibel that reverberates off the wood floors.  I am sure the echoes reach those friends on the Westside (sorry guys).

It is really quiet around here, I know it won’t last.

Man, I can hear the cricket chirping outside and the cicadas with their summertime song.  Such nice sounds, it really is summertime.  So peaceful, so quiet, I think my ears are ringing.  Who knew quiet sounded so lovely.

It is really quiet around here, I know it won’t last and I am glad.

I do love the chaos and the noise those wonderful kids bring.


Big Brother – He is now 16

He is the Big Brother around here, but for 8 years he was the baby. Then Little Brother came along and few years after that Little sister.  So being the Big Brother took a total change in gears after a lifetime  (8 long years) of being the baby brother to Big Sister. g & M He is one of the most easy going people I know, so he handled the change quite well. 


I often liken him to Wally Clever, he really is a great kid.  I won’t go on and on about him because I know your time is valuable, but I will take a minute of your time and tell you about him:rock climbing

  • He is adored by his siblings – even Big Sister, which she will realize more next year when she leaves for college. 
  • He  had the buzz cut first in the family (see previous blog post)
  • He weighed 9.3 lbs at birth and was a chunk for the first year, that was the last time he was considered “big”
  • Last year he was 5′ 1″ and 91 lbs – this year 5′ 7″ and 118 lbs
  •  He is on the high school football and wrestling teams.
  • He is an Etowah Pirate (I’ll explain in another blog post)
  • He is kind
  • He likes to rock climb
  • He will make you laugh
  • He is a smart guy
  • He hangs out with adults as easily as he does teenagers and his little siblings
  • He ask for very few “things” in life
  • He lives by the motto “Bro’s before Ho’s” and he means it.
  • He loves and follows Jesus
  • He is fearless, but he doesn’t like scary movies or their commercials – like his momma
  • He too is a misplaced Texan, and hopes to return to the Motherland one day
  • He loves Dr. Pepper


He is not perfect.  He has flaws.  He cannot walk on water, but he is redeemed by the One who can.  He is the Big Brother around here and now he is 16!!!

What’s all the Buzz about?

What do two brothers do on a hot summer afternoon? 

They play barber shop!


 Little Brother is well over due for a haircutIMG_4714

So Big Brother decides to put his barbering skills to the task.


First, Big Brother thinks it will be fun to play around a bit.


and started with the “Chili Bowl” lookIMG_4734

“Mom, don’t you think he looks like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber”?


“Just keep cutting, I don’t want him to look like Lloyd”.IMG_4733

“Mom, how about a mini mullet”?IMG_4735

“Nope, not a mullet either”.

Hair in the nose – not fun.


Hair in the mouth – not fun.


Before the Barber Shop shenanigans began, I was watching Band Of Brothers where they had come across the  concentration camp.   Starting to wonder if others would think of him as a POW as well.



Then it was time to get serious and call in the professional.


Big Brother did a good job, but this no ordinary buzz to be taken lightly.


The New Buzz


Same Last Name, Same DNA, Same Buzzed Hair.


Holy Guacamole!

burgers on a grillThe other night we grilled burgers for dinner.  Not just mustard and ketchup burgers, but burgers with the works; the serious stuff – Guacamole!  One bite and I realized a fork was needed, can’t let all that goodness be left behind on the plate.  It was a culinarydelight!  guacamole burger

It is amazing how one precious little fruit changes a burger.


We have a good friend back  in Texas, Handsome Ritchie.  He had something to say about avocadoes that I will share with you.  But first about Handsome Ritchie.  He really is handsome and I am not just saying that because he and his wonderful wife, Precious Holly, will inherit our children in the event of our demise.  Precious Holly does not like us to bring attention to Handsome Ritchie’s apprearance, she says it makes him a challenge to live with. Handsome Ritchie once said this:

A Sandwich is lunch.sandwich


A toasted sandwich is a mealtoasted sandwich


But a toasted sandwich with av0cadoes (or guacamole) is a gourmet meal!toasted sandwich with avocado

You should grill some burgers  and toss some guacamole or avocadoes on them for Father’s Day.  Dad will be pleased you grilled a gourmet burger for him.

Let Me Tell You A Story About Coffee

starbucks logo

Our dear friend, Michael, used to work at Starbucks and would generously share his weekly bag of free coffee with us.  By the time he left Starbucks, we had 15 lbs. of coffee!  We really want him to go back to Starbucks, but for some reason he thinks it is more import to provide a good living for his wife, Sweet Kelly – go figure.


coffeeReally, I only drink coffee to wake me up in the morning; better the coffee than the four kids. It makes for a better me.

After Dear Michael had left Starbucks and we used up all our coffee reserve, I had an epiphany.  Dear Michael had turned me into a coffee snob.  It inspired me to write a short story about the evolution into said snob.  So grab your cup of java and enjoy the read.


Blog Pictures

What does one do when they wake up one morning and realize it truly is the dawn of a new day?  The day of enlightenment, the day your life changed forever, the day that took your innocence, the day that moved you to another plateau in life, the day you realize you have become a “coffee snob”!   That day will forever be carved on my heart as the day I realized I had been residing in a world of trailer trash coffee.  It was a simple life.  A life of ignorance, and it truly was bliss. 

 No need to let go of the serious money for the expensive Starbucks labels, Folgers was a kind and cheap brew by a simply means.  Only those who lived for a life of labels as to impress others would frequent a Starbucks.  Just needing the jolt of caffeine, I was happy to forgo the cost of a label!

Then one day the Starbucks boy showed up.  And I truly did see him as a boy, because what man would be so superficial as to really like a coffee just because of the label?

 peddler boy

He ever so cleverly peddled his wares as to offer them as communal coffee.  “Share them with all that pass through” he says.  Not seeing his clever ploy, Starbucks coffee beans were ground, brewed and shared with all in the month that followed.

laughing and coffee All came, all drank, and all would speak of the great brews that Starbucks concocted.  Of course, these were all people who wanted to impress one another with their connoisseur coffee skills.  They would throw around words such as dark brew, special blend, and distinctive flavor.  Shallow words, really.  Words to catch the attention of other coffee label seekers.

 Time passed and the Starbucks boy went away taking his coffee with him.  There was talk of the meager days to come when life would return to a bland taste.  I was not tricked; I also realized it was the charm of the Starbucks boy that bought about the desire to rise above one’s self in the coffee world. I saw phoniness behind a Starbuck’s label.  I was ready to return to the life without pretense.

 sunshine and coffeeThe morning of the enlightenment, I arose early to start my day off with the morning jolt of caffeine.  The ever faithful Folgers’s canister awaits my duty.  Peeling back the lid the fragrance tickled my senses and reaffirmed it was just a label that lured the others to Starbucks, it all smelled the same.


Several perks, cream and a few scoops of sugar later and I was ready to start the day with my jolt of Folgers.   Bottoms up, let’s get this day started, the simple way. But wait! An insult to my taste buds has been made. I thought Folgers was the best part of waking up.

 A great offense to my senses has occurred.   I must make amends.  If rectification must be made I must seek out what other has so frequently spoken…. Starbucks, could it be? 

 I must find Starbucks boy – or more accurately, “man” – because truly he knows of what he peddles.  Not just a label, but intriguingly rich coffees which enhance the taste buds and bring delight to the soul of the consumer.    At last, enlightenment… I am a coffee snob!

michael and coffee This is Dear Michael – Starbucks Boy… Man.  Check-out his blog Agalliao

Restaurant Review

Don’t you just love going out to eat?  Me, too!!!

I really love to go to new places to eat and I really love to go to new places with friends.  Last night we set out to the big city of Atlanta with another couple to explore a new restaurant we had heard about.

My friend, Sweet Kelly, blogged about it, so I will just let you head on over to her blog and read about  it.  Another Smith

It was definitely worth the trip down to Atlanta, and I hope if you are looking for something new to try in the Atlanta area you check it out!

Have you any restuarunt  to recommand that I could try?

The Birth of a Salesman

Anyone looking for a used bike?


Little Brother has one for sale.


When I drove up the other day and saw this sign I laughed out loud – real loud.

I don’t know which I love more about this sign.  At first it was “NO TAX”.  I am still laughing about that.  Then I noticed that he is selling the bike for $80 – which made me laugh so much more.  Behind the scene information:  Little Brother bought this bike with gift cards from Wal-mart that he got from the grandparents for Christmas – the best part  –  I think it cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $50.  He is so obviously looking to make a huge profit.

 Our neighbors just recently gave him a slightly used $400 bike that they never used.  (Amazing neighbors here in the fairytale neighborhood that we live in, Maplewood; seriously – it is like make believe, but that is for another blog post so stay tuned).  So now that he has a rather costly bike to hit the streets of make believe on, it is time to profit from the old one.

I am starting to see a pattern with Little Brother and it goes like this: “How can I profit most from this”.  

He and Little Sister were told to clean up the mess they had made in both the living room and their bedroom.  Later I came to the kitchen and found him there and asked him about the cleaning status.   He informed me that he was paying Little Sister to clean both the living room and their bedroom for the very low cost of a peeled orange, his old baseball cap and 3 cents.  She took him up on the deal.  What a sale!    When she learns the value of money, she is going to punch him in the face! 

You will want to become friends with Little Brother because there is a good chances he will make a very good living.  He has turned his and Little Sister’s room into a store.  I am sorry I can not show you the the sign that was made proclaiming their room as the store.  Little Sister destroyed it when he fired her for over-pricing items and losing a sale to a  valuable customer.  True story – she was heart broke that she was fired and then devastated when he crossed her name off the sign, which lead to its destruction. 

Here is what you can find in the store.


 Stickers For .50 Cents

IMG_4709Army Men for $1.50

IMG_4703Play a sport for 10 minutes for $2.00IMG_4705Please bring cash.  The proprietor is serious about cash.

Even a place to check out



I am sure Harvard Business School is looking for him to come teach a class or two.

What say you, would you buy something from the almost 8 year old Little Brother?